5 Keys to Painting an Agricultural Building In Ireland

Agricultural Building painting is a hugely important task, and it will require you to get an experienced company to do it for you. You will need an agricultural painting crew that is dedicated and one with special equipment to do the work in a professional way. Agricultural buildings include livestock buildings, Dutch barns, grain and feed silos, galvanized roofing and hay sheds. The following are key considerations when painting your agricultural building.


You will require doing some preparations before the painting is done on the industrial building spray painting. You need first to prepare the exterior walls. The company you choose to do that painting will guide you through this. You will begin by getting rid of any dirt and mildew and then do the sanding and smoothing on the rough surfaces. You will also be needed to have the right equipment that is going to facilitate the painting. Some of this equipment includes sandpaper, rollers, brushes, covering and ladders. However, the list is not limited to this. It is during the planning that you will determine the type of paint that you will use and the color of the paint.

Paint quality

Another very valuable aspect is the quality of the paint. There are various types of paints. Some are costly while others are sold at lower prices. It is good are you buy high-quality paint for it will last for a longer period. It may be a little expensive, but it will save you the cost of having to repaint your agricultural home in the near future. Quality paints will serve you for a long term.

Ideal painting season

There may not be a standardized season for painting, but it is advisable for the agricultural building paintings to be dome on the warmer seasons. This will, however, depend on the type of paint that you are using. Paint that is oil based will be best when used in a minimum outside temperature. Summer and late spring are ideal times to do a painting for it will dry up properly.


It is crucial to check on the temperatures before you paint your agricultural painting. It is recommended not to paint when temperatures are greatly unstable. For instance, we may have the right temperature during the day and then it drops significantly during the night. This weather pattern causes there to be a formation of dew and moisture. When factoring the dry time of the paint consider living it for at least four hours from when you finish painting to when the temperature changes. An ideal temperature for painting is between 50 to 80 degrees.

Get a professional

It is not always a simple thing to paint an agricultural building. It is crucial that you get an expert who is experienced in doing the paintings. They will guide you through the process, and the work will be done in a professional way. It might add some extra cost, but it is worth it in the long term.


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